Certify aptitudes

We have created a way to certify aptitudes, away from the theoretical knowledge, and closer to the innate abilities of each person, to ensure they meet a real job market.

Erudit Certificate

Erudit Certificate will help students and executive to be more clear on the recruitment. This certificate measures the multiple intelligences with an average, a periodical trending and a global ranking.

Exclusive feedback

Real time feedback: global and punctual attention capacity, summary of the classroom psycho-pedagogical parameters with each teaching method.

Educational revolution

Education adapted to job market needs

The needs of the labor market evolve much faster than the offer of regulated degrees and content taught in educational centers.

We detect the innate abilities of the students and strengthen them throughout their educational stage, so that, when they reach the job market, they fit in with the existing needs, independently of the curricular system followed.

Erudit solution

Erudit has taken the most recent developments in educational science and technology available, to create a useful, profitable and accessible platform that bring learning up to date.

All of this, applying the latest scientific and technological advances.

Best european educational project

Best european educational project at CALL FOR THE GOALS contest. In accordance with the following sustainable global development standards imposed by the United Nations:

Goal 4: Educational quality.

Goal 8: Quality work and economic growth.

Goal 9: Industrial and technological innovation.

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