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About Us

Welcome to Erudite Education Consulting. We are a boutique consulting firm serving schools of all types and sizes. Our services address aspects of running a successful learning community. We are dedicated to learning as much as possible about our client schools and tailoring our methods to deliver maximum impact.


Erudite Education Consulting pursues a mission of leveraging the synergy of opportunity, resource, and inspiration to unlock excellent learning outcomes.

Our work is delivered through a hybrid of in-person, site visits as well as remote, virtual interaction. All consultation includes diligent documentation of anticipated outcomes, timelines, and benchmarks. We believe in transparency and delivering results that are above and beyond the hopes of our clients.

We offer perspective in assisting schools to identify and think through opportunities for improvement in all aspects of their community. Sometimes these opportunities are glaring and already well-discussed in schools. In these cases, Erudite provides a fresh viewpoint serving to recenter and ground stakeholders. In other cases where growth opportunities are not already apparent, Erudite assists in uncovering and bringing to light prospects for schools to improve on educational outcomes.

Once opportunities for improvement are identified, Erudite focuses on resources. Often this focus consists of increasing the efficient use of the assets that a school already possesses. These include potentially overlooked or underleveraged holdings like talent, time, capital, facility, curriculum, community connections, and reputation, among countless others. Other times, schools truly need to cultivate new assets and Erudite is well-poised to support this growth ensuring that investments are effective and worthwhile.

The third arm of Erudite’s recipe for school success is inspiration. By far the most nuanced aspect of our practice, inspiration requires an artful touch and wisdom of application. We specialize in sparking thoughts of what can be possible and igniting these thoughts into tender flames of action. When hearts and minds are properly engaged, there are no limits to how high flames of inspiration can grow.

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