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Professional Development

Erudite professional learning experiences are above all else memorable and worthwhile. Studies show that upwards of 84% of teachers report feeling that most or even all professional development experiences did not deliver on making meaningful use of their most precious resource -- time. We break this bugaboo by delivering experiences that are captivating and relevant. Every teacher walks out of an Erudite PD experience in possession of deliverables ready for immediate implementation in their practice as an educator. We offer a wide breadth of predesigned PD experiences or the option to build your own based on the unique needs of your learning community.

Some of our most popular offerings:

  • Classroom Management Boot Camp

  • Teaching for Knowledge vs. Understanding

  • Hacking Student Attention

  • Gamification of the Learning Experience

  • Project Based Learning

  • Creating Cohesive Community

  • Place Based Learning

  • Parent Communication Best Practices

  • Class Contract Culture

  • Flipping the Script on Homework

  • Elevating Good Teaching to Great Teaching

  • Inquiry Based Learning

  • First Year Teacher Boot Camp

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