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The Team

Heather and Dan Zuckerman bring a combined 53 years of education experience. The majority of their experience has been in public and independent K-12 schools though they have also served in a variety of experiential, ecological, and therapeutic settings. As the principal team of consultants at Erudite, they offer complementary talents and qualifications covering the ecosystem of all the elements needed to foster a learning community that is worthwhile, vigorous, and celebratory. Their passion for education was sparked over 30 years ago leading wilderness, backcountry travel expeditions for teenagers. Based out of Teton Valley, Idaho, we serve clients nationwide unlocking excellence in education.

Heather Zuckerman

Principal Consultant

Specializing in humanities, Heather enjoyed a successful career as an elementary and middle school teacher. During the past 15 years, Heather’s administrative work included curriculum development, program architecture and faculty coaching. As a staunch advocate for the International Baccalaureate Programme Heather grounds her practice as an educator in striving to develop global citizenship and a love for learning within her students. She holds a master’s degree in curriculum and instruction. Heather finds inspiration through coaching faculty teams as well as individuals. She is especially fulfilled when she helps others gain new realization of how their practice can be improved.

Dan Zuckerman

Principal Consultant

As a math and science specialist, Dan began his career teaching grades as young as kindergarten and as old as post-secondary. Throughout his career as an administrator Dan is proud to have always remained connected to the classroom teaching a variety of elective courses. Holding a master’s degree in educational leadership, he is inspired by the awareness that the field of education is undoubtedly our best opportunity to affect positive change in our current and future world. He knows that there is nothing that limits what small groups of dedicated educators can accomplish besides the reach of our imagination and the lengths to which we are willing to work hard.  

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